Acting: representative roles

Georgia Shakespeare Festival                   

Lear                             King Lear (1995, 2010)

Gremio                       Shrew: The Musical

Armado                      Love’s Labor’s Lost

Big Daddy                  Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Marcus                       Titus Andronicus

Willy Loman              Death of a Salesman

Malvolio                     Twelfth Night

John of Gaunt           Richard II

Orgon                         Tartuffe

Harpagon                   The Miser

Duke                            Measure for Measure

Caliban                       The Tempest

Sir Peter Teazle        The School for Scandal

Argan                          The Imaginary Invalid

Shylock                       The Merchant of Venice

Theater Emory                                        

Nonno                         The Night of the Iguana

Dodge                          Buried Child

Lear                              King Lear

Solness                       The Master Builder

Jaques                          As You Like It

Prospero                     The Tempest

Patrick, Joseph          Body Politic

Johnny                          Hello and Goodbye

Arnold                           The School for Wives

Michel, et al.                Once in Europa

George                          The Evidence

Compagnie 41751                                    

Horn                               Black Battles with Dogs

Centre Dramatique National Orléans           

Casca                            Julius Caesar

Theater Gael                                          

Thomas                         The Steward of Christendom

Theater in the Square                               

Gallimard                       M. Butterfly

Horizon Theater                                      

Phillips/Wisehammer Our Country’s Good

Alliance Theatre                                     

Garfinkle                        Other People’s Money

Sacramento Theater Company                  

Lopakhin                        The Cherry Orchard

Nat                                   I’m Not Rappaport

Scrooge                         The Christmas Carol

Eddie                              A View from the Bridge     

American Repertory Theater                     

Cardinal                         ‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore

Telegin                          Uncle Vanya

Hoxie                             Right You Are

Choragus                      Robert Wilson’s Alcestis

Marcos                          The Balcony

Trinity Square Repertory                           

I                                       How I Got That Story

Theater Works                                        

Genie, Zaman               Scheherazade’s Sister

Sepp                               Staller’s Farm

Siamese Twin               Me and My Shadow

(Solo)                             They All Want to Play Hamlet

Reality Theater                                       

Weston                          Curse of the Starving Class

Master                           Master of Ecstasy

Pat Garret                     Billy the Kid

King Saul                       Beginner’s Luck

Cambridge Ensemble                               

(7 roles)                         A Hell of a Mess

Puntila­                           Puntila and Matti

Dimmesdale                 The Scarlet Letter

Agamemnon, Apollo   The Oresteia

Gulliver et al.                 Gulliver’s Travels


professional citations and honors

Suzi Bass Award, Best Supporting Actor, 2009; nominated Best Actor, 2010

Citation for Career Contributions, New England Theater Conference, 1983

Best Performance, Boston Theater Critics Circle, 1982

Critic’s Choice for Best Actor, Creative Loafing, 1998

14 Citations for Best Individual Performance (Real Paper, Cambridge Express)

9 Citations for Best Performance (Atlanta Journal, Creative Loafing)