Theater Emory

Shakespeare          As You Like It (All Male)

(Shakespeare)        I am not that I play  

Chekhov                  The Cherry Orchard

Holder                      The Book of Joe                             

Ibsen                         Peer Gynt

Ives                           The Universal Language

Shaw                         Bury the Dead

Virgil/Fagles           The Final Hours of Troy

Wedekind                Spring Awakening                

Rapp                         Train Story

Shakespeare          King Lear                                     

Chekhov                 Three Sisters                                              

Berger                     Once in Europa                              

Shakespeare         The Lear Project                             

O'Brien                   The Things They Carried                   

McDonough           American Wake                  


Staged readings

Skibell                    Wooden Nickles

Pinter                     A Kind of Alaska

Aktar                      The Who and the What                     

Jacob-Jenkins      Appropriate

Rivera                    The Last Book of Homer

Skibell                   Ten Faces

Edgar                    The Jail Diary of Albie Sachs

McDonough         Untitled

McDonough         Somewhere Else

Odets                    Waiting for Lefty                

(Compilation)      The Vietnam Project             

Lipsky                   The Call of the Wild            

Shakespeare       Love's Labor's Lost              



Idaho Shakespeare Festival/Boise

Theater Works/Boston

Shakespeare       Taming of the Shrew                 

Theater Works                                                                      

Ondaatje              Coming Through Slaughter   

Henry                    Pathways to Madness *+             

Lipsky                   Living in Exile +                           

Ondaatje              Billy the Kid *+                          


University Productions

Ionesco                Man with Bags       U.M/Boston +

Ondaatje              Billy the Kid           Skidmore C.


       * Co-directed with Vincent Murphy

      + Cited by press as a Best Production of the year


New Works


2005     Untitled                                                                                                               

                       Staged reading, Theater Emory

1995     American Wake                                                                                                      

                       Produced by Theater Emory 1996

                       Published by Theater Emory's Playwriting Center in 2004.

1982     Murder, Now? (Co-authored with Jon Lipsky)                                                  

                       Produced by Theater Works.

1980     They All Want to Play Hamlet (Conceived, researched)                       

                       Produced by Theater Works, 1980

                       Performed at the American Repertory Theater, 1981



2013     Shakespeare                             I am not that I play (Gender and Disguise)

2009     Henrik Ibsen                             Peer Gynt

2007     Virgil/Fagles                             The Final Hours of Troy (The Aeneid)              

1994     Tim O'Brien                               The Things They Carried                               

1991     Jules Henry                                 Georgie Nobody

                                                                     (Pathways to Madness)                    

1990     John Berger                               Once in Europa                                                                  

1983     Michael Ondaatje                     Coming Through Slaughter                             

1981     John Barth                                   Me and My Shadow (“Petition”) *                       

1979     Michael Ondaatje                      Billy the Kid

                                                                     (The Collected Works of Billy the Kid) *    

            * Co-adapted with Vincent Murphy



1994     Jon Lipsky                   Starting Over                            Theater Emory

1992                                            The Vietnam Project               Theater Emory

1991                                             The Lear Project                      Theater Emory

1984     John Barth                   Scheherazade’s Sister            Theater Works

1983     Marc Diamond            Pathways to Madness             Theater Works *+

1982     Jon Lipsky                    Living in Exile                            Theater Works

1982     Murphy                         Out Out                                        Theater Works

1977     Jon Lipsky                    Master of Ecstasy                     Reality Theater

1975     Aeschylus                    The Oresteia                               Cambridge Ensemble

1974     Swift                              Gulliver’s Travels                       Cambridge Ensemble



For Theater Emory

2013     Shakespeare                I am not that I play

2011     Jireh Holder                  The Book of Joe

2009    Henrik Ibsen                 Peer Gynt +

2007    Virgil/Fagles                 The Final Hours of Troy

2007    Joseph Skibell              Ten Faces                                                                                   

2005    Tim McDonough          Untitled (Directed and acted)                                               

2001     Tim McDonough          Somewhere Else      

1998     Jon Lipsky                     The Call of the Wild                                    

1996     Tim McDonough          American Wake                                          

1993     Tim O'Brien                  The Things They Carried                 

1991      Shakespeare                The Lear Project                         

1990     John Berger                  Once in Europa                              

          + Cited by press as a Top Ten Production of the year


At other professional theaters

1985     Ondaatje                        Coming Through Slaughter              Theater Works 

1984     Shakespeare                 The Taming of the Shrew                  Theater Works

1984                                               The Taming of the Shrew                  Idaho Shakespeare Fest

1983     Marc Diamond               Pathways to Madness                       Theater Works *+

1982     Jon Lipsky                      Living in Exile                                       Theater Works +

1976     Ondaatje/TW                 Billy the Kid                                           Reality Theater *+


University Productions

1979     Eugene Ionesco               Man with Bags                                   U. Mass./Boston +

1978     Michael Ondaatje            Billy the Kid                                        Skidmore College

      * Co-directed with Vincent Murphy

      + Cited by press as a Best Production of the year



2010                                                    Silver to a Trading Agent             Synchronicity

2005                                                    Sonia Flew                                       Synchronicity

2004        Cabeza de Vaca              The Discovery of America           Theater Emory

2002                                                                                  Hot Ink: New Plays at NYU

2001                                                                                   Lark Play Development Ctr, NYC

1998          Father Kelley                   Learning to Dance                       Theater Emory

1996           John                                  Married Life                                   Theater Emory

1995                                                      Art of Swindling workshop        Alliance Theater

1993           Patrick, Joseph              Body Politic                                   Theater Emory

1990           George                            The Evidence                                  Theater Emory

1990           Michel, et al.                   Once in Europa                              Theater Emory

1988           Telegin                             Uncle Vanya (Mamet)                   ART/Cambridge

1986           Choragus                         Robert Wilson’s Alcestis            ART/Cambridge

1985           Fitzgerald                        Murder, Now                                   Theater Works

1984           Genie, Zaman, Sharyar Scheherazade’s Sister                 Theater Works

1982           Siamese Twin                  Me and My Shadow                      Theater Works

1980           (Solo)                                 They All Want to Play Hamlet   Theater Works

1977            Master                              Master of Ecstasy                         Reality Theater

1976            Pat Garret                       Billy the Kid                                     Reality Theater

1975            King Saul                         Beginner’s Luck                             Reality Theater

1976            Dimmesdale                   The Scarlet Letter                         Cambridge Ens.

1976             Br’er Rabbit                   Br’er Rabbit and Friends              Cambridge Ens.

1975             Mottel                             The Best of Chelm                         Cambridge Ens.

1974             Mottel                             Tales of Chelm                                Cambridge Ens.

1974             Gulliver et al.                 Gulliver’s Travels                            Cambridge Ens.

1973             Che Guevara                 Tania                                                  Tania Collective